Simple as it sounds! Your domain needs to be certified before you launch or use any online service. Protect your data from hackers and access faster data transfer technology only available through this service. Each certificate includes free implementation service.

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In order for us to know what domain you want to certify, you have to specify it bellow (please do not use www or http).

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With the implementation of the new http2 protocol, the online environment has been drastically separated from the point of view of data security. The http2 protocol allows encrypted data transfer through the connection between the server and the browser, while efficiently contributing to data delivery up to 7 times faster to the user. The purpose of implementing this protocol was absolutely necessary due to the increase in the amount of information transmitted through the online environment. The most common information transmitted through the online environment is photo/video content. Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo quickly index sites that use this technology, and in parallel own a domain SSL certification.

What does this mean?

The http2 protocol and domain SSL certifications are closely related. If you do not have SSL certification, you can not transmit data through the http2 protocol.

What is an SSL Certification?

Domain certification means the domain owner’s authentication, simply when you apply, your data is verified for identity confirmation, and then the service can be activated and implemented. The real purpose of these two services is to reduce the indexation of sites with malicious content and to coordinate consumers only to secure online environments where there is no identity, bank information or other personal data theft.

How do I know if I entered a secure site?

Simple. Check in the browser search bar, where usually www is written, if the address of the site you are accessing is secure. Always, a certified site will have a green locket before the www and domain name, along with https.

What is https?

https is the same as http2; the public calls it https just to highlight a secure connection through the s in the end.

How can I get a certification?

To get a certification, you need to decide what insurance level you want and then contact us for purchasing and implementing. There are two important types of SSL certifications, positive validation certifications, which are accompanied by an insurance policy of approximately $ 10,000 and extensive validation certifications, accompanied by an insurance policy of approximately $ 1,750,000. If someone manages to intercept the data and there is loss of information, the damage caused by these losses is covered up to a certain amount.


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